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St Mary's CE (VC) Primary School

Year Three

Saltmine Theatre Company

Today we watched a play called 'Secret Angels'.

We then completed a workshop.

We enjoyed working with the Saltmine Theatre Company

Planting Trees in our Forest School

Year 3 had a great time planting trees in our Forest School site. Alison Wilkes, from the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust, helped us to begin to create a natural boundary around our site. We learnt how to plant trees and use spades correctly.

Year 3 had a wonderful afternoon at the Kingswinford Library.

We created book covers with the pupils from The Kingswinford School.

Year 3 visit to the Kingswinford Library

On Monday 12th February, Year 3 visited the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. We wanted to learn more about the Ancient Egyptians. We observed artefacts and made amulets. We also participated in an exciting mummification ritual.

Images of our day at the museum.

We have been discussing whether Jack should go to jail for stealing from the giant.

We created our class and individual story maps.


Primary Writing Project story map.

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