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St Marys’ Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an enthusiastic and friendly group of parents, grandparents, carers and teachers who volunteer a small amount of their time to support the fundraising activities of the School.

Whether it is selling glow sticks at the School disco, organising Mothers’ Day gift sales or producing regular newsletters, the members of the PTA use their individual talents to raise money that is used to buy equipment or to fund educational and extra-curricular activities.

Over the last three years, the PTA has raised over £16,000 and has used it buy:

§ Buddy benches for the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds to allow the children to meet and make new friends during break times

§ A storyteller chair and play equipment for pre-school to give the children the opportunity to engage in creative play

§ Overalls for KS1 and KS2 Forest School to support the School’s outdoor curriculum

§ A Scrapstore PlayPod® which has helped to transform the children’s play at break and lunch times.

To find out more about St Mary’s PTA, please contact:












St Mary’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an enthusiastic and friendly group of parents, grandparents, carers and teachers who volunteer their time to support the fundraising activities of the School. Our members are drawn from all walks of life and each gives as much time as they can.

The PTA acts as a bridge between the School and its parents and carers to create a partnership that can positively impact on the learning environment of St Mary’s. We are a registered charity and are governed by the Charity Commission’s rules and regulations. We are managed by a small, elected, committee who meets regularly to plan fundraising events and to decide how the money raised should be spent.



Quite simply, we raise money for the School by organising events throughout the academic year and we work with the teachers to use that funding to improve the School’s learning environment. Over the last three years, we have raised over £16,000 which has been used to buy equipment and to fund the educational and extra-curricular activities of the School.

We also organise events that we know the children will enjoy. Whether it is giving the children the opportunity to let off some steam at the end-of-year discos or paying for a touring pantomime company to come into School, we believe that the PTA should not be exclusively focused on just raising money.



By organising a wide range of fundraising events that are designed for the children and for their parents.

Our fundraising year kicks off with our very popular fashion show and sale where shoppers have the opportunity to buy the latest fashion at discounted rates. It is followed by Christmas discos, a bag pack at Morrisons, gift sales for Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day and a sponsored Sports’ Fun Day. We run a year-long private lottery that offers monthly cash prizes to its members and provide refreshments at many of the School’s social events. Our year always finishes with the end-of-year discos and with a gift for the Year Six leavers.



We have used the money raised from our events to improve the educational experience of every child attending St Mary’s.

We have funded the cost of the School travelling to a range of educational and recreational events to ensure that every child is able to participate in the activities. We have paid for external organisations to come into the School to give the children the opportunity to engage with activities that can add to, and extend, their learning. We have part-funded the purchase of the PlayPod Scrapstore® which is an innovative concept that uses unwanted items to encourage creative play. We have paid for equipment that has allowed the School to improve its outdoor learning curriculum and its early learning provision. We have also used the funding to buy equipment that the children have asked for and that has reflected their interests and values.



Every parent or carer of a child enrolled in St Mary’s is automatically a member of the PTA. All you need to do to get involved is join us at one of our committee meetings, speak to a member of the PTA or contact our chair – Julie Crumpton on:


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