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St Mary's CE (VC) Primary School


Governor Roles 2019-20


Committee Structure 



December  2019

St. Mary’s Governing Body

Mrs E A Green, Mr G Nicholls

Mrs B Roberts, Mrs R Jones,

Mrs A Hickman, Mrs V Oldacre, Mrs A Wainwright

Mr M Abrahams, Mrs B Whitehouse, M Fellows, A. Skidmore and Helen Webb

Rev Giles Kendall


First Disciplinary and Staff Dismissal

Chair    EAG

Clerk    LA Clerk

Mrs E A Green, Rev G Kendall,

Mr G Nicholls  

Pupil Disciplinary

Chair  GN

Clerk  LA Clerk

Mr G Nicholls, Mrs E A Green, A Skidmore


H/T Performance Management

Chair   MA


Mr M Abrahams, Mrs E A Green,

Mr G Nicholls

Ethos, RE, PSHE British Values Environment

Chair    GN

Clerk     PB

Mr G Nicholls, Rev G Kendall

Mrs E A Green, Mrs V Oldacre, +

children committees

Appeals and Staff Dismissal Appeals

Chair    MA

Clerk    TBC

Mr M Abrahams, Mrs A Hickman

Mrs R Jones

Pay Committee

Chair - EAG

Clerk –   TBC

Mrs E A Green, Mr G Nicholls, Mrs V Oldacre

Pay Appeals Committee

Chair    RJ

Clerk    TBC

Mrs R Jones, Mr M Abrahams, Rev G Kendall




SDP Responsibility

Pre School/Foundation

Mrs A Hickman. Mrs V Oldacre,

Quality of Education

Mrs V Oldacre, A. Skidmore

Standards & Assessment

Outcomes for pupils

Mrs E A. Green

Mrs V Oldachre

Behaviour and Attitude

Mrs R. Jones + Mrs H Webb

Safeguarding / Equality /

Anti-Bullying/Looked After




Mrs E A. Green,

Mr G Nicholls       

Personal Development and British Values

Mrs B. Whitehouse, Mr. M. Abrahams

Pupil Premium


Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

Mrs E A Green, Mr G. Nicholls

Sports Premium

Mrs A Hickman



Mr M. Fellows


R.E, Collective Worship

Understanding Christianity  

Mr G Nicholls, Rev G Kendall


Gifted & Talented

Mrs R Jones  



A Hickman, B Whitehouse  


Year 1

G. Nicholls, H. Webb


Year 2

M. Abrahams, A. Skidmore 


Year 3

V. Oldacre 


Year 4

R. Jones 


Year 5

E A Green 


Year 6

M. Fellows


Declaration of Interests - Governors 2018-2019

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